क्या आपने धूल का खरगोश देखा है ? | WTV #70


This video is a part of our Weekly Tuesday Vlog series.Viewers are expected to watch the video with a light heart and free mind.You can get really hungry while …

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  1. I am totally shocked by this shit uic! why you showing your wife,mother,brother on your videos,? so that you can earn money? if you have talent create new content and upload! don't do these bloody shit of vlogs!I am totally shocked! every videos of uic have no new things, as like as hindi serial,so if gou don't get a job call me I will give you…don't your sell family pic… you made videos whole day…its part time job.. but you took it your profession! r you crazy! how can you sell you family picture?

  2. guys God Bless you… UIC… i m watching your vlog from last one month trying to watch all the videos… u guys making my day
    … everyday you guys
    . putting my smile on my face
    even i m fully or badly fadeup… thanks god bless love from ludhiana pb.

  3. deepika is so sexy, she's wearing transparent bra. Wow. Awesome. Bhaiya, inko har video mein include karna. Subscribers ki line lagegi, aur views bhi jyada honge

  4. bhai post something intersting…u r simply wasting ur energy and killing our valuable time…No one is bothered about ur personal family life….get rid of it….pls focus on ur blogs…nt all interesting anymore…expect vlogs like d bhutan trip u did….honest feedback take very seriously

  5. Guys u r rocking really! The price tags at big shopping malls are Very-Very high, so we consumers must& should bring this notice at consumer court & forum to slap these thuggees! Jai UIC, Jai-Hind!