#1 DIY How to Make Your Bridal Bouquet Wedding Brooch Bouquet Real Touch Foam Roses Part 2


Supplies to make your bouquet are on sale at http://www.bouquetsbynicole.com Make your own wedding bouquet with 30 real touch roses that look and feel like …

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  1. Divino quedó el ramo felicitaciones tienes buen gusto para las manualidades. Pero como se hacen las rositas x f enseñamos. Muchas gracias y esperando el vídeo de las rositas tan hermosas.

  2. Hi Nicole, i am in desperate need of knowing how to make the ribbon roses for the bouquets. i cant find a video on the type of roses you use. i know i could just buy them but then i cant say i made my bouquet from scratch, if you can't please can you point me in the right direction. Maybe one of the readers of this message can share a link for how to make them i would be really happy. Regards Dawn

  3. I went on your website looking for the satin flowers. I want a combination of teal and fuschia but I am not seeing fuschia there. Do you have that color?

  4. You are amazing!!! going to order my supplies from your site which BTW is nice… I'm torn between the satin deluxe roses and these real touch! have u ever combined the two? also is this the 8inch ball? do u think 10 in is to big for bride bouquet? also how many roses will I have to order to get this look? well for 8 inch and 10 inch… I did notice that you don't sell the accessories just the brooches… can u recommend some place to get those like the pearls, crystals… thank u!