10 Brides Who Should Have Said NO To The Dress


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  1. Honestly, announcer lady…would you want to be one of the ten brides shown here, and be
    insulted on a world-wide public forum about your private choice of what you decided to wear on the most important day of your life ? …Yeah, I didn't think so.

  2. Christ, this is a catty ass video. It went from a couple things that were kind of questionable to straight up, "I personally don't like this, therefore, no one should and shame on those trogs who do."

  3. tbh this isn't the greatest video u uploaded…I mean I don't mind talking about strange trends in general but guuuurl let those brides wear the stuff they want to wear! Even if they are not wearing the 0815 wedding dress…Honestly I liked all of them (especially 0:16!!) because the dresses were special and not mainstream…

  4. In other words, we'll bash any dress that shows originality in its design!

    To escape judgment wear a solid white, satin ball gown. Subtle beading allowed if beads are 2mm or smaller. NO trains, and matching satin ballet flats mandatory.

  5. I don't agree. I thought they looked beautiful. I would wear any of these myself for a wedding but if they were my friends I would compliment them. especially for creativity.
    P.S the grooms look worse than the brides

  6. …Am I the only one who found this video incredibly judgmental, and then only made even more annoying by the pretentious as hell voiceover?

    Two dresses from subcultures that do indeed have the motto of "the bigger the better", one dress from a couture magazine (and they go out of their way to do the unusual), and the rest is "this is a beautiful/interesting dress-" or "she looks beautiful here and has the figure for this dress-" "but they should have said no" anyways. This, then add in all those stupid gifs make the overall video feel pompous as hell.

  7. Kann den Grund dieses Videos nicht verstehen. Wer weiß warum die Outfits größtenteils so aussehen. Vllt ist einer von beiden z. B. bei der Feuerwehr und deshalb das Kleid mit Flammen. Das Kleid bei 2:30 finde ich in der Szene sehr geschmackvoll. Als würde es von einem Model gerade vorgestellt. Gefällt mir seeeehr gut, toll abgestimmt

  8. What are you saing that they should say "NO" to the dress?! It's their choice and if they like it, and YOU don't like it that is not important!!!