Awesome HAKA at a wedding reception


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  1. I'm from brazil and i want to know if i can learn how to haka and if i can learn about his language.
    i'm realy touched, you can feel the energy in the room only watching this haka by video.
    i wanted to do this in sometime of my life with my friends and my brother.

  2. "Oui! Quand les Traditions vraies, sont prodiguées avec Profonds respects; cela donne les yeux mouillés!" " Yes! When the true traditions, are lavished with Profound respects; it gives the wet eyes! "

  3. SO UNBELIEVABLY MOVING AND EMPOWERING! I kept balling in tears every time I watch this, the raw emotions, unity and the passion is so touching that it was giving me strength and it's my first time learning and hearing about haka. This has touched me so deeply because I, myself have been going through a very difficult time and just happened to land on haka dance. I can feel the power and just this sense of "renewal" and energy to move forward and I am from a totally different culture. This was such an honor watching this, thank you so much for posting and sharing this awesome sacred dance.

  4. this braught a tear to my eye. does every time. such energy, amazing. if you cant respect this than you have no clue about culture and unity!