Baked Apple Roses – How to Make a Rose-Shaped Apple Tart


Learn how to make Baked Apple Roses! Go to for the ingredient amounts …

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  1. Does anyone else feel like the entire tutorial was in the tone of one long question? Or is it just me? Either way I have just made 12 of these lol.

  2. Great, simple and visually impressive – a took a cue from our Scandinavian friends and added 1/2 teaspoon of ground green cardamom powder to the cinnamon sugar …. if you can't find the powder just add some of the black seeds that live inside the cardamom pods.

  3. The beautiful red apple skin would have remained red (not burnt) if you hadn't sprinkled the extra sugar on them before baking. Sprinkle the sugar just after removing them from the oven and prior to removing them from the ramekins. They were delicious and came out beautifully. A big hit at my big Family dinner. A little labor intensive but worth every minute. Thanks 🙂