Balloon Column tutorial twisted braid decoration idea / Balloon Centerpiece how to


How to make a balloon column or centerpiece using a braided technique. Use this decoration tutorial and change the colors to make baby shower decor, 1st …

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  1. Hello. Will you be able to say how tall your stand is or what was the length of the 260q? I'm guessing if your stand is taller when the braid reaches the end, you can always add more quads to reach the top of the stand?

  2. Love your work… Makes me wish I would have learned to do this when I was younger… All that I've learned comes from watching your channel…

  3. hi when you guys have an event do you fill up the ballons at the location or you guys have them ready for set up by the time you arrive. if so you what bags should I use? I've been using regular garbage bags and I notice the ballons loose the shine on them. thank you im still a learner.