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Let’s get physical in a trio of looks that work everything but your wallet. Subscribe to my channel for more style fun: Workout clothes get …

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  1. OMG could you show us how to DIY those free people leggings with a basic black pair of leggings?! I know it's possible but I don't have the skillzz

  2. Having cute gym clothes definitely makes working out more fun and it definitely doesn't need to be expensive. Another great source for workout apparel is Aeropostale, most of my work out tank tops are from there and I absolutely love them. They're all nice think material, really pretty and well made.

  3. Love it more fitness videos cuz some of us are really trying to lose it and sometimes don't know what to wear. Love your videos plz more

  4. Hey Kate! Awesome video c: very motivating x
    Could you do a video on how to style little things in a bedroom like shelves / bedside tables? xxx

  5. If anyone wants to buy those glass bottles with the silicone covering, they're pretty cheap at stores like tj maxx, marshalls, target, and home goods. I got mine for under $15 which was a good deal!

  6. am I the only one kinda bummed she doesn't have an actual fitness clothing line!?! I like the video though, my goal isn't to be super cute cause ima come back looking like I went through hell and back, but I've been told a few times I look like a hobo so an athletic style video is greatly appreciated!

  7. Super Obsessed With Your Videos! & Thanks, I've been using my brothers basketball shorts.. but now I'll be stopping by target.. cuz those are actually cute!

  8. loving the names of each of these workout outfit ideas! i'm definitely a fan of the forever21 built in sports bra tanks and the bkr water bottle. you're so awesome! 🙂