Best-Ever Carrot Cake & How to Make Cream Cheese Frosting – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 62



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  1. Help, new to all this baking malarkey.

    My cake looks nothing like the one in the video once it's baked. It domes at the top and splits, seems to almost shrink in at the middle of the sides and takes ages to cook (1hour 40 last time although I tried it 10 degrees lower). The last one looked rubbish but tasted okay, however it still looked almost undercooked in the middle at the bottom.

    Tried this three times now and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong……

    Followed the recipe as best I can and weighed everything as precisely as possible and even brought an oven thermometer just in case.

    Not going to give up, determined to get it right. Just frustrating when everyone else seems to be able to do it with ease lol.

  2. I just baked this cake and along with the ingredients we has "MIXED SPICES"!!! To which I did enquire my wife if she was sure of it! I looked at the printed recipe and there it was on the ingredients "MIXED SPICES"!!! So I carried on only to find on the instructions to add "CINEMAN"!!! This is not mentioned on the ingredients list!!! I did thought it was ODD to have mixed spices on a cake but hey, whom I to know any better! That aside, extraordinary cake! Thank you for bringing this recipe to us! To the rest of users be aware of the MIXED SPICES!!! lol…..

  3. I wanted to make carrot cakes for a breakfast kind of muffin style. would it work the same if i follow this vidow or would I need to change anything? also if i dont like raisins or walnuts can i just leave them completely out? Thank you!

  4. I baked this cake I love it but it didn't come out as pretty as yours it rose a little in the middle it wasn't nice and flat like yours. it crumbled when I tried to cut it so it ended up having three layers I'm sure I did something wrong but I'm not sure what, also next time I will double up the frosting its so good.

  5. It seems to happen frequently to me that the cream cheese I bought isn't hold in block and it breaks in the form of tiny curd and watery. Why is it so? And is there any solution to correct the sitution? please help me out with this thank you☺

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