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ecome the best Wedding Planner around, and plan dream weddings!
~~ From designing beautiful gowns to designing the yummiest cakes, youโ€™ve got a lot to do!
~~ With your expert planning, even the most demanding bridezillas will be happy!

Many happy couples are newly engaged – now itโ€™s time to prepare for their wedding day! Design wedding dresses and choose everything from flowers to delicious cakes – make it the wedding theyโ€™ve always dreamed of! With your help, they can even be featured on a magazine cover!

Design glamorous wedding dresses! Create the perfect dress for
each customer!
Help the handsome grooms choose a killer tux! Donโ€™t forget the bowtie!
Make delicious cakes decorated with frosting flowers and a romantic bride & groom topper!
Plan a luxurious day at the spa for the brides so she they can relax before their weddings!
Enhance your customersโ€™ bridal beauty with stunning makeovers!
Style their hair in fabulous up-dos or leave it down with luscious curls!
What do you want the wedding hall to look like? The choice is up to you – YOUโ€™RE the planner!
Choose the most adorable flower girls and give them the cutest dresses!
Choose stunning wedding bands for the bride and groom!
Watch the happy couples kiss and dance the night away after theyโ€™ve said I DO!
Get them ready for their โ€œBride & Groom of the Yearโ€ cover shoot!

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