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While Taylor is at work, I’ve been getting a lot of wedding stuff done!! He wasn’t in this vlog much, but it turned out to be a story time! LOL! Check out …

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  1. hey jesus here, you gotta be careful with all of these car repair shops, i don't want to ingrain a fear phobia about car repair shops, but a lot of these car shops are pretty nasty with their ethics in LA county. some fix your car for hourly rate and charge you while not fixing your car and an hour or 2 goes by just get extra dough, some try the tricky business with oil changing claiming you need to change oil to get a good 60 from ya when you actually don't, when they know your car is new they will replace some of your new parts with their old parts (pretty shady) during a fixing procedure, some are willing to pitch the idea that your tires need replacement or need to be adjusted because they're crooked. you gotta be careful out there hun bunny, real world works differently, not everything is honky dory. this may sound a little bit racy but if you go to a shop filled with hispanics, you 'probably' shouldn't do business with them, majority (not all) of these places are filled with hispanics who are mostly illegal immigrants that are working with their english speaking manager only (the only way they have a job), they most likely don't know how to speak english back. again i don't hate'em, just bad experience with them and i would stray away from. so that's that, but please don't read on this too hard, i don't want to ingrain a car repair shop phobia in ya lol, i guess assume the best of everyone but don't always do that, be mindful at some places, that's all or your gut feeling isn't right. you should look into ebike's, pretty good way to exercise at the same time you can reach to places you haven't before and can be pretty decently fast for short range places you want to get to, just make sure to get a pretty good lock for it.

  2. "Closer and closer to getting your own Younow"?!? Lol. What. Thought you already had/have one? I remember you broadcasted a few times a few summers ago around the time of the "Summer Forever" movie release.

  3. Here are some ideas for the wedding cocktail name. they are very Mom-Jokey/corny. lol
    a Schmackary (people might think it has cookies though) or call it a Stage Kiss(for the way you met, or Watermelon TAG (initials) Lemon TAG. or a FrozenProm for your shows. (they might want a slushy I had fun thinking of things. Hopefully you already have a name picked out or this will get some brain storms going. <3