Creative Photography which lens to use


We show you a range of different lenses and the effect they have on your subject.

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  1. Love this vid!!!!! Very useful – practical – helped me understand a few things about lenses. For a year I've been shooting with a fixed 35mm (on a DX) before I bought a 24-70mm, I was so paralyzed by wanting to choose the right lens… I'm very happy with both of them now, and this vid gave me a few ideas on how to use the 24-70mm creatively. Thanks!

  2. Nice introduction, thanks for uploading it. A question here: was any sort of flash used while taking the shots? I see the model's face is nicely lit, e.g. no shadows under the eyes. The photographer stood quite far from her so I am wondering how the results were achieved.

  3. Very clear, nice, informative video. Thank you. Could you inform us what lens was used to record yourself? Because it has a beautiful blurry effect in your background.

  4. This guy has some bazooka lenses! You don't see many people shooting with those. I know a prime like that cost more and get a super narrow depth of field, but wouldn't it be hard to frame someone in that thing? After seeing this I think I'll try a portrait with my 200-500 and see how it turns out!