Crown Braid Hair Tutorial (EASY)


Crown braid hair tutorial? Seems easier said than done, but WAIT, it actually is!! I can testify that this is the easiest hair tutorial ever! Take it from me, a chick …

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  1. Great tutorial. I love your makeup especially the highlighter on your cheeks. I have brown skin so any suggestions on a pretty creamy highlighter blush? What color and brand is that? thanks will start watching your videos.

  2. Love this look, but how did you make sure the part in the back is concealed, or hidden? Looks like there is no defined line down the back. Wonder how I can recreate this look because you did it so effortlessly!

  3. Absolutely love this because trying to do the entire braid all around your head is the hardest! Ever seen a tutorial like this, a million thumbs up! Looks great