Decorative Beaded Ball DIY | Ball Accent Decor DIY | Orb DIY | Sphere DIY


Learn how to make this beaded ball home accent in this tutorial. Use it as part of a wedding centerpiece or for decorations for a party! This is an EASY DIY …

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  1. love this to my mind is running from just watching u .love all the lady's work you lady's work hard take care of family's members and then you lady's found the time to show us all how to make things and make some coins iam just saying have a very blessed day.

  2. how many package of the beads did you actually used out of the 4 packs I noticed you had some of the beads left over.. .. I'm definitely going to be trying this

  3. love it doing a gold one for my daughter's baby shower using it as a centerpiece like your other tutorial just BEAUTIFUL love watching your tutorials keep'em coming

  4. I love this creation. I will be doing this. Thank u for sharing. love your channel you are very creative. looking forward to more video's. Is you're glue gun low temp or high temp. Stay Blessed & Thanks again. New to you're channel.

  5. well you've done it again! This is to me such an Awesome project. The end result is amazing! Thanks for sharing your blessed hands & creative mind with us. 😘