DIY Caged Wedding Centerpiece Idea | Caged Candle Holder DIY


Learn how to make this $8 Dollar Tree DIY perfect for a wedding centerpiece, bridal or baby shower, anniversary party or as home décor. This is a cheap …

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  1. Beautiful love it thanks for sharing i happen to have two baskets and the same flowers lol wow this diy is definitely my new project thanks

  2. I just love this project! Although, I put my own spin it. I used floral wrap to keep the hanging baskets together & then used diamond wrap around that. My son & his gt are going to have a commitment ceremony & I thought this would be beautiful idea! The one I am working on now, is lavender & purple pansies! I using pear wrap instead of diamond wrap. I'm also using more flowers than you dîd. I glued the pansies (lavender & purple) alternating on top & around the bottom of the candle holder. I also found at Walmart different colored acrylic jewels & used them between where the top & bottom "ribs meet So far it is turning out great! I'd post a pic, but don't know how.

  3. super pretty i went to a dollar tree today looking for the bling wrap and couldn't find it they acted as if they had no idea what i was talking about i have to keep searching other stores until i find it

  4. Very nice…..I was thinking that maybe you can use small zip ties to secure it more that it can stay close together before gluing on the diamond wrap….just a suggestion. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It was difficult at times to see exactly what you were doing as it cut off the top. Thinking this would be a good craft for us to do at the Senior Center. Thanks for sharing.

  6. @SameChickDifferentDay I absolutely love your channel and videos! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and beautiful personality with the world! You're truly a beautiful inspiration and I ALWAYS look forward to seeing each of your videos! This creation is absolutely beautiful and I'm patiently waiting for my Dollar tree to open so I can get these items and make one!