DIY: Planner on Budget


Hey friends! This is a fun tutorial showing you how to make and customize an affordable planner. If you guys enjoy these types of videos let me know and I’ll do …

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  1. "Especially if you are an international and don't have access to a Target" omg I love you!!! Finally someone who thinks about us too 🙌🙌🙌

  2. so so cute! I've been running around michaels trying to get the perfect planner for a week. why didn't I think to do this haha ty

  3. Another tip if you really want a really cool planner on a budget – around July or so, make a list of what you want for next year's planner (i.e. a blue binder, white inserts, green washi tape, paperclips, stickers, labels, coloured cardboard) and keep that list with you over the next 6 months and now and then just go into the dollar shops in your area when you're there to see if they have exactly what you want… it is likely that over that period of time they will, and that way you won't buy anything you don't need (because you're sticking to the list), you buy what you need at its cheapest and you don't end up settling for things you didn't really like because it's December and you want to have it done!