Easy 2 Tier Sprinkles Cake Tutorial- Rosie’s Dessert Spot


In this video tutorial I demonstrate a super easy way to apply sprinkles / hundreds and thousands onto a buttercream cake and how to assemble a 2 tier cake.

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  1. Hi I wasn't we to know, if I was making this cake, how many packs of sprinkles form Lakeland would I need? And also where would I get a small cake board for the top tier? And can I substitute the red buttercream for red fondly instead?

  2. can this be decorated and refrigerated the day before? I've heard mixed reviews about buttercream shouldn't be refrigerated once decorated! it will harden up and not be as nice but I don't have time to decorate in the morning of my girls birthday

  3. Oh God, I'm going to try and do this for my daughters bday. It seems easy as longest I have the right things , quick question I can get the buttercream at a grocery store like Walmart?