Easy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor Ideas & DIY Felt Pillows


You can have quick and cheap farmhouse or cottage style decor for your home from the dollar store! I hope these dollar store decorating ideas inspire you to DIY …

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  1. Fabulous makeover .. love it, & all the great colours too As a mum of 4 ( all 16-27) here is the advice…hahaha!!! Don't give two hoots what the other's are thinking, some kids just have a strong will and a sense of fear too, Let him make a noise and walk away ( crying inside/mad) Don't make an issue with him either.. easier said than done, but truly he will no doubt grow up to be a strong willed best friend of yours, He won't even remember any of it one day..unless you video him haha!! Good luck and enjoy the moment 🙂

  2. Your sweet son is a high needs kiddo. I'm a judged mom too, although mine is my first and only. I found the RIE approach helped tremendously, not perfect but I have more peace of mind.

  3. It's okay, I've been through this before with both my son and now my 4 yrs old daughter. You just got to drop him off and give a quick hug and walk away. Usually, there should be a daycare person or teacher around to get him while u drop off. But, this to shall pass I promise. On another note, your hacks are great and I will be doing this as well…good job!

  4. I must go and get those birds so I can chalk paint them. Adorable. thanks for sharing-Your house looks great and farmy 🙂

  5. Your decor designs are so cute! I love your up lighting on the fireplace mantel!
    And it's so brave of you to share your struggles with Milo.
    I have 2 girls. One compliant, the other, not so much.
    But I've heard with boys, they are very attached to mommy when they're young.
    And boys mature slower than girls.
    So, I applaud you getting him to school, even though it's a huge battle.
    I hope it gets better soon. 💕❤️🤗

  6. You are a Breath of fresh air! You have the same talk, morals and look at life and it's situations that I do. Thank you for being genuine. I feel like I have a twin out there in the world. 👍🏼

  7. Hi, I am not qualified to give advise on children, but I do know something about what it feels to be that mother. I was that mother, because I had "those" boys. You are doing your best and you clearly love him, so what the lulu's think counts for sh*t. Keep laughing.

  8. Those birds were Hideous and scary. I too am obsessed with that colour of blue. Currently in Canada the dollar store has adorable zip closing pillow cases. They also have some beautiful rustic looking trims and cords. What would you do with them ? Love the pillow.

  9. Love the diy ideas.

    Girl i spank my kids. You do what u need to do. Im glad u do it. There is a difference between discipline and abusing. And u are discplining. Kids should not be abke to get away with hitting anyone.
    I will and I am that mom that yells across the room like a banchee telling my kids ehat they are doing wrong. The kids go home with u and nobody else.
    Im glad your not ignoring this subject.

  10. I really enjoyed a book called Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley. My other suggestion would be to get Dad involved in discipline, if he tells your son it's not okay to hit my wife, and protects you like he would from anyone else, that may help. My husband would tell my daughter to mind Momma every day before work, so eventually if we had a lot of misbehaving he would give consequences in addition to the punishment I would give. This made a big impact. Also, lots of prayer for guidance as each one is different.

  11. In my own experience boys want their mommy's.. and girls are more in dependant earlier…generally.. slow down… and give him.. not bribes.. but extra time..that is notice when he is showing behaviour you want…. don't be embarrassed…. be at his back… and feel good about that… other parents just dont talk about their own children's issues… just keep visualizing him being a well adjusted confident excited to go to school kid.. making friends etc…it will pass…! You have a boy…. they are wonderful!

  12. Love love your table setting and pillows. U can't spank kids n public now because someone will call the police or child services. But I think I would take him in the building to the nearest restroom and tap that bottom. Never let him hear you say "if he doesn't want to do something he isn't going to do it"

  13. I know how you feel! My son was that exact way. Hes 22 years old, still stubborn, defiant, wont grow up. I still have such problem with him. Hes so bright, such a waste, dropped out of engineering school, its awful. Good luck

  14. No judgement here my son was like that too does pass I promise , honestly I do that to the whole just taking him and leaving him with the teacher eventually it passes , I also sometimes offer him some mommy snuggles after school which it just mom and son time I have three kids as well so I know the feeling haha anyways I hope this help u feel better about on another note I love your channel you've help me out with so much and also feel like I can relate to most things so thank you for being you and keep up the awesome work

  15. I absolutely adore your DIYs but I adore you even more! I love the fact that you just expressed your difficulties with your child and that's amazing… I too was the judgmental person when it comes to those temper tantrum children that you see in the grocery store but you have just changed my mind about it.

    Separation is difficult he still at age he doesn't necessarily understand why he has to go somewhere on his own! I wish I could give you some great advice but my son didn't do this. I just don't think you should be embarrassed you know that you're great mom and it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks

  16. these are so nice! unfortunately, we don't have some of the same things at our dollar tree that i see online. i guess different states have different things? sadly.