Elastic Cornrows


Hellow! J’ai enfin pu créer une nouvelle page youtube, j’espère que cette fois c’est la bonne ! Pour cette coiffure j’ai utiliser pour plaqué mes cheveux la cire à …

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  1. wow i'm amaze i love all your videos my Dear you inspire me and i can say i got this with an attitude thank you keep posting. maybe one day i'll grow enough balls to post my own video

  2. My daughter is mesmerized by your hair (she said your hair is like a unicorn horn). It is a compliment. she has always wanted it but she doesn't have that hair texture so it must be created with loads of product of which i refuse to pay for. we will find another way. thanks for the tutorial <3 FROM FLORIDA USA

  3. I can't tell what she is doing with the hair once she puts the rubber bands on them. What is she wrapping the hair around to make the illusion of cornrows????

  4. hi can you do a video on how you remove the rubber bands or tell us how you do it? also do you have any breakage from them? thank you