Finger Wave Inspired Hairstyle for Long,Medium Hair


Today’s hairstyle is inspired by the 1920’s finger wave,i combined the old with the new, finger wave style with a nowadays bun,this is a hairstyle for medium,long …

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  1. Gorgeous look!! I wanted to know how to do an at home finger-wave. I am going to attempt this! XD Lovely and love how soft it is!!
    Hey hey, I gotta special vid coming up on my channel in a few hours !! YOU are in it ^^ please watch xoxo <3

  2. I am having severe difficulty replying to your comments on my video. In response though, I have heard about a heavy head. That is a sign that you have a very large brain. You must have consumed a lot of knowledge. I am a huge fan of the clothes peg hair look. It saddened me when you took them out.

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