FLOWER MOXIE DIY: How To Make A Wrist Corsage


You can buy the corsage kit here: https://flowermoxie.com/collections/supplies/products/slap-bracelet-wrist-corsage This is my favorite way to make a wrist …

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  1. Here's a tip on gluing fresh flowers. Never use hot glue! Use cold glue especially made for fresh flowers. They will last longer because it doesn't damage the flowers. Hope this helps.

  2. Is there any reason why we can't attach the ribbon to the slap bracelet – as long as we use a method that won't show and allows the extra length of ribbon needed to bend around the bracelet. I'm thinking double sided tape.

  3. This is wonderful…I would only add wire thru the flowers to keep them from popping off. This is much less time consuming than the traditional method.

  4. Hey Flower Moxie, This was a wonderful idea and i will make one for my daughter-in-law for her baby shower. Can you tell me where you got the little plastic adapter for the flowers to go into? Thank you Jane

  5. Hi Flower Moxie, I'm interested in making a wrist corsage but am unable to find an adaptor piece for the slap bracelet. May I ask where you purchased those items or are they hand made? Thanks!