Fried Noodle and Fried Rice the Phnom Penh Foods at Night | Cambodia Street Food at night


Night time foods in Phnom Penh city is something like this. it’s fried noodle with beef, noodle soup with beef, fried rice. It’s night time foods along the road to New …

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  1. I love it is very good fry foods he is great frying noodle set fire to the wok love this kind of foods from the stalls wish you all luck The stalls holder work very hard to make a living. Thank you good video .

  2. When i was there i would be going home to my hotel at night via tuk tuk and i would see a lot of stands open that will cook up a real meal, none of that BK or Mcdonalds all the time while on holiday.

  3. I'm suprised people who work like this don't have wet rags or something to help keep them cool. Are they used to it, or do they have to endure this?