Going To The Glitter Studio Wedding Fair in Dublin


My second and last wedding fair. I also went to the KBC Wedfest, video coming soon. SUBSCRIBE THEN HIT THE ! New vlogs every Tuesday and Saturday!

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  1. I reckon if you got an elbow in the nose, there'll be a bit of swelling for a few days, but it'll go down. don't worry!! my friend's dad passed away before her wedding, and she got a locket with his photo in it and has the florist work it into the bouquet, so it was at the top of the "handle" bit (where the stems are wrapped in ribbon) I thought it was a really sweet idea

  2. To be fair Clare, that is all women stuff, and if Alex wanted to go with you…. then he'd be a woman. Nose is fine! Don't plan the wedding, plan the marriage. Don't do what you're 'suppose' to do, do what you want. Ask old people about their weddings vs. marriages. OK, I think I 'Dad' ed you enough, have fun forever. If you need a fake priest, I'll do it!!!

  3. Hope you can include your mom in some way to make it feel like she is there or special for you.
    My mom died a few months ago and even though a wedding isn't on the table yet, I already find it hard to think about it. I wish you all the strength and happiness while planning and on the day.

  4. You're a beautiful person inside & out. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it is wedding planning without your Mum, but I picture her looking down at you, beaming with pride ❀