Good Things: DIY Glitter and Rhinestone Sneakers – Martha Stewart

26 Erica Chan Coffman teaches Martha …

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  1. if I were to do this to only the rubber part at the bottom of the shoe, would it stay and not chip? I used nail polish and it cracked and fell off after one time and minimal walking. would the glitter and modpodge make it last longer?

  2. Anyone know what kind of Mod Podge did she use please? I'm looking at the Michael's list and there's like a variety. I want to glitter my suede boots 🙂

  3. I did these for my senior prom! I used a white canvas shoe, silver glitter, shiny finish mod podge, clear finishing spray, sticker rhinestones, and the E-600. Unlike the video I found it took me 6-8 coats. The finer the glitter (and the less glitter in the fixture) the more coats you will need. Bigger glitter peaces make it easier, but I believe they aren't as pretty as the fine glitter. Over time the shoe will get cracked and glitter will fall off! to fix this you just add another coat to fix it.

  4. I know some are freaking out because she said she paints the soul of her Louboutins. Are you guys unaware that Martha Stewart is so drowning in money she could probably buy ten pairs of every Louboutin ever made, keeping one pair as originally made and getting nine pairs customized to her liking? Also, I'd take a Martha Stewart customized shoe over anything else any day.