Healthy Grocery Haul and Meal Ideas + GIVEAWAY!


Need some grocery inspiration?? I share my latest grocery haul with you, including ideas on how to use them. Majority of the groceries are from Costco, (bulk …

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  1. It seems lately my favorite healthy lunch is 2 carrots, cut down to sticks or even just cut in half, a hand full of crackers like cheez-it's, and a non fat yogurt. It's simple, good for me and filling. Then we always eat a sensible dinner, lite protein, lite carb and heavy on the veggie. Always portion controlled. Lol. I would like the round 28oz 20 pc unit if I were to win. I am really enjoying your lifestyle changing videos about nutrition, diet, shopping and meal prep. Thanks!

  2. Great video! My favorite healthy lunch would be mini sliced cucumbers and avocado topped with balsamic glaze, I would like to win the [Premium 4 Sets] Glass Meal Prep Food Storage Container with Snap Locking Lid.