Hello Counselor – Kim Sohyun, Son Junho [ENG/2016.09.26]


Click the “Caption” button to activate subtitle! ———————————————— – Ep.291 : A sad wife in her 30s who is a mother of four children brings her …

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  1. Just, wow. I was so disappointed and teary eyed during the first pair but I just couldn't stop my tears anymore during the second one. I hope everything goes well for the moms and kids, with or without their husbands/fathers.

  2. everyone is talking abt first concern…. but the 2nd husband is more retarded…..how can he let her wife go alone in winter when she was 9 month pregnant …and above all he took her phone , card and changed the door password too…. 😠😠😠 I'm gonna kill that bc…..

  3. Just seeing the first concern alone makes me want to punch a fool like that f*cker!!!! I can't believe this moron thinks he can just do whatever he wants to his wife!! Gawd!!!!!! I'm so pissed off that I want to personally go up to him and kick him in the nuts (and chop it off if I have to do so as a last resort)!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Scratch that, I want to kick the second husband's nuts and crap!!! Fish???!!! Fish are more important than his kids??!! Geeeeeeeeez!!! =_=

  4. a guy who doesn't respect a pregnant lady is the worst. wow I can't imagine a husband lock her wife in the cold weather outside and a guy makes her pregnant wife do many things when she is pregnant with his kids and said giving birth is easy. I really really really hate this kind of guy. if you feel offended that's good.
    the third concerns boy I like him so much he is adorable 😊

  5. There are many problems with the second concern's husband, but one thing I understand is how upset he is when the kids mess with his fish. I don't care how young the kids are, they should not come anywhere near the fish tank if they cannot behave. The whole problem is that the wife clearly can't cope with raising all of the children alone (nor should she), and the husband is very apathetic. It's his fault too that the kids mess with the fish! Why do people keep having kids if they don't want to invest their time and energy in them?.. It's very selfish in my opinion. And irresponsible.

  6. When I watch Hello Counselor it makes me scared to get married ;_;. After all, there are men like this everywhere. I have only watched the first concern so far but I just don't understand his perspective. He's so traditional when it's convenient to him but when it's not he's all for bending the rules (like having his wife work a job because two incomes are "necessary"). To be honest my dad almost never did housework and my mom was stay-at-home most of my childhood, but at least they had basic respect. She did the household chores and he made the income, although responsibilities were divided no one was doing more than their fair share of the work. Traditional my butt..these husbands just like to use that as an excuse to do what they please. When he says she's only good for making babies she should say he's only good at drinking and being a nuisance. Though I admit I would be afraid to talk back to him myself.

  7. I swear I stopped watching this show because of all the stupid, selfish, thick-as-f**k husbands, but I had hope in myself to start watching again and it seems like things have gotten worse for sure. On a serious note, it is great how this program does solve those marriages issues but please I'm sorry, go to legitimate counsellors who work as professionals. I swear this show has turned from a 'National Competition of Worries' into 'National Competition of the sh***est husbands in South Korea'. I'm so sorry about my ranting but I can't do this

  8. The 1st and the 2nd case will set a really bad example for their kids if the dad won't change.😧😧😧😧
    But I got to breath and got my smile back at the last case.
    That 9 year old boy is so smart And so loving by his parents. I wish i'll have a smart kid like that.But I'm still single though πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  9. Even though I know the main hosts are suppose to make the show a little bit more light hearted, I really love Choi Tae Joon because he seems to know how to seriously address a situation. While the other hosts are laughing it off, you can see him being genuinely concerned for the guest and he isn't afraid to put someone in their place. I hope these husbands learn a thing or two from him. Choi Tae joon fighting ~

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