How I Became a Wedding Planner & Why I Love It


The most frequently asked question I get is “how did you become a wedding planner?” The next is, “Why did you become a wedding planner?” I thought I would talk a little bit about my background, how I got started in the business, and why I continue to love my job 🙂 Enjoy!


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  1. Great advice. I've done a couple of events. Although me and my boyfriend aren't engaged yet, I'm planning our wedding in my head.

  2. Awesome info in this video.

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  3. Great info helped a lot ! So now just one question that I hope someone answers ! How do we find an established planner that can give me an intern ?

  4. since I was 10 I always wanted to be a wedding planner now that I'm a junior in high school I want to take cosmetology will that help for being a wedding planner or no??

  5. Also I wanted to say God bless you, and I'm not sure if you believe in God or not but I wanted you to know that God is with you, Jesus loves you and you are an inspiration, and I hope that your wedding business is completely successful! 🙂

  6. That was all super interesting and I'm so glad that you took your time out to tell about your story and how you became a wedding planner and I really love your passion for it. Thanks so much it was very helpful to me and now I have a lot to work with as far as becoming a wedding planner myself :))

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I REALLY interested in wedding planning I have been for a long time and I can totally relate to your story and how you felt. You have definitely helped to inspire me to follow my dreams.

  8. Wonderful video..and encouraging!  I'm just starting out and this is the first video I've found with real life experience and down in the dust details of the process.   

  9. Can you do another video elaborating on tips, ideas, what a person should do, etc for people starting out with no prior experience? I'm curious about wedding planning – have been for 6 years now even though I've never been to a wedding – and am looking for more in-depth knowledge. Some questions I have are:
    What did you need/have to do when approaching that first client with no prior wedding planning experience?
    How do you recommend people approach to become an intern to an established wedding planner?
    What occurs in an average day for someone starting out with no experience?
    What is an average day in the life of a wedding planner, the wedding day, etc?
    This in itself was a great video and highly informative. I have a whole list of about 10 or so questions to a government-run organisation called CareerKickstarter here in Australia but I hate the idea of a 50k debt hanging over my head for the next 25 years, especially after completing my car repayments. I am loving being debt-free and would like to stay that way. 🙂

  10. hello this is Michelle his wife and i wanted to thank you so much for your videos it has really helped my in the event planning business and again thank you so much

  11. Thank you so much! Thats exactly what i need it! To work out in my head whats better, hows better, what to do with my current job. Was very useful to me. I hope to hear more life-work experience and details.

  12. This was so helpful and it was great to hear this as I'm 14 and just taking my GCSE options and it's great to know that you seriously don't need and specific qualifications to get a job as a wedding designer

  13. @14:39, truly God sent you a message, you were able to see your calling and God made a way for you. I had to put that out there!! lol I am not sure if you are religious or spiritual but as many others have said, your story is truly inspirational and I wanted to add my thoughts as well! Thanks so much for the advice and the sense of hope. 🙂

  14. I am very delighted to hear your story and feel so encouraged. I am currently doing a wedding planning course and want to set up my own business. How can I set up a website if I am now starting out seeing that I have no photos to start with?

  15. Great video 🙂 I spent my whole academic life preparing for what I'm doing now, but I'm really struggling with it and am starting to regret my choices. I just hope I haven't dug myself too deep a hole and I can get into a career I love, for the sake of my sanity! I adore weddings and always come up with ideas, but I don't know if there is a market for it where I live, and I don't know if financially I can afford to take such a risk. Ah, decisions! I miss being a kid, no responsibilities 😛

  16. so very helpful. its pretty inspiring to hear how things worked out for you and that most people find themselves unsure of what they want to spend their lives doing at some point but still remain hopeful and persistent and you will find your "thing". great advice!

  17. I really aspire to be like you. I've been doing a few wedding planning internships here and there to learn as much as I can. I feel the same as you, "treat your clients like family". Hopefully when I graduate next year I am as successful as you! Wonderful story, and good luck! 🙂

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  19. What did your first website look like? I am wanting to start my own wedding planning business and I am in the process of making a website. I dont have any experience in wedding planning yet. Therefore, I do not have much content to go on my website. 

  20. Thank you for the advise in the video. I'm in a job that I do not like but not only that I work 80 hrs a week and I'm still in debt. I want a career where I can combine event planning with my mother in laws flower baskets. They are100% handcrafted flower baskets, center pieces. If you wish I can send you pics of them. I want to open a wedding planner/Florist/ Catering business. I know this will all take time but I strongly believe that I have a product that nobody has any where because it is completely handcrafted from Puerto Rico. What additional advise or words of encouragement can you give me?

  21. This video was so inspirational to me! I'm graduating in 3 months, and I'll be starting college soon, & I was wondering what you would suggest to be a good major for getting into the wedding planning business?

  22. u just inspired me with ur words thanks a lot am also Business management student graduating after a year and i want to start an event planning business. any other skill recommendations i should develop right now like courses about decorating and other stuffs.

  23. hi i love this video , but it make me feel little sad because think i'm loss, i all ready make kids party cause i love party decoration ,i take classes with the iwed company but i din't came out with the idea of star a business and i will love to make it happen …

  24. HI, I really appreciate your story. But this vid seems like long time ago, are you still doing the wedding plan business? please let me know, I am very interesting in this sector!

  25. I'm currently a student at Penn Foster for Wedding Planning and I love it. When I'm done i will be going back for my B.S. in business. I will be starting my business after I complete my course i will open my business. love your videos, thank you for all your advice this gives me hope.