HOW I EDIT MY FLOWER PORTRAITS + PICTURES | lightroom photography beginner tutorial


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  1. yooo Jessica, I was wondering, for senior portrait jobs for example, do you go through this editing process for each & every photo ?? I just did my first TFP and edited 100 pics individually on photoshop (we used like 15 locations) and I died !!! is this normal or do advanced photographers like you have a different method ? 🙂

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  3. Hi Jessica! I'm a huge fan ☻ .Can you PLEASEEEE make a video on "Diffrence bewtween Photoshop & Lightroom" and how much you got it for,which you find better for specific things/photography types.All those details.It would really help !!! Have a Great Day!!

  4. I'm super anxious to get a computer and buy Lightroom for myself because I just received a Canon Rebel T6 from my friends for a graduation gift less than a month ago! I've never used a computer to edit any of my photos, I import the JPEG files (not raw because the files are too big for my iPod to handle 😭) from my Canon directly to my iPod 5 – then editing them in the VSCO app, then sending them by email… I'm wondering how steep the learning curve for Lightroom is – will I be ripping my hair our in a matter of hours? Oh, and once I do get Lightroom and shoot in raw, how fast does a 16gb SD card fill up with raw images?

    Been obsessed with your photography videos! Love your work. Just in case you'd like to see some of my work, my Instagram is >> @garrettmaynrd >> Thank you so much, and God bless.

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