How to add length to a dress that’s too short The Retro Rachel Dixon DIY sewing tutorial tall gals


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  1. I have the opposite problem i feel like my dresses are too long and I aint got a modest bone in my body. I believe nudity is art nothing to be ashamed of.

  2. hey i was wonder how to add length to my costume for a renaissance festival my dress is supposed to touch the ground but instead reaches to my calf. The dress is white with a gold panel up the middle. to you have any tips on how to make it longer also there isn't a seam on it because it was a cheap costume. also any idea on how many yards of fabric i will need

  3. I, too, am tall. I've found this technique works wonderful for me, and I've used it many times through the years. I HATE the thought of sitting down in a public place, and my butt touching the seat with no barrier. Ugh! Grossness. I have to admit to giggling when I see ladies doing the same, and they think they look sexy. All I can think is their butt is bare on a public chair. lol. Soooo not sexy!

  4. Hey rach, i have a dress which has got lace on one side i really love it but its way too short 🙁 It would be odd to add an extra piece of fabric ….pls give me some tips to extend it

  5. Will this same technique work on a dress that is tapered? (longer on sides and back but shortens in the front)? It also has a slip underneath, I was thinking i could just add some lace to the slip and that would probably work out well? I just ordered a dress from China and love it but it is just way too short! 🙂

  6. Hi – sorry to sound dim, but what do you mean when you said about sealing your seams?  does the hemline on the inside fray when its washed?

  7. this is awesome!!!! so brought this white and blue flora; dress online and when I got it and tried it on, it barley covered my butt, so when I saw this video I was like life saver 🙂 thanks so much for this!!!!

  8. This is really helpful but i have a summer dress (The dress has 'spaghetti' straps) and adding an extra piece of fabric on the bottom looks a bit odd so do you have any tips?

  9. Story of my life!!!!!!!!
    Going to a wedding g soon and have a navy lace dress that is just a bit short to be wedding appropriate. Any thoughts on adding length to lace?

  10. Thank you for this tutorial.  I need this for a 5'9" pre-teen who wants to wear the cute dresses for her age, but are way to short to be modest.

  11. Great tutorial, thanks! I have a beautiful chiffon dress that is white on top and the bottom (skirt) is floral. Do you have any suggestion how can I lengthen the skirt? The dress is VERY VERY short!