How to Become a Wedding Planner – Your Services


In this video I share with you the services I offer to my clients in order to help you determine what services you will offer to your clients as an aspiring wedding planner.


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  1. hi i have a wedding shop where i started cause i plan my own wedding from the start to the end, and i had started out just selling bridal gifts party supply, linens and more and i got married June 2016 now customers love what i do and want me to add wedding planning and event planning, and wanted to know what course or school online is the best one to join to be certified in the wedding planner event planner classes, cause customers are asking me to offer it since i plan my own , but i wanted to be certified in the wedding and event planning so if you could let me know which place online that offers the wedding and event planner courses online that will send me the award once i pass cause i read on them and some give the awards and some do not, but i read on the wedding instutite which is through lovergity , and ash college, penn college, and so on, but wanted to know which one you would send customers or people asking about it.

  2. I love ur direct explaination. however, I'm thinking about going to school to study to become a wedding planner. I always going to weddings myself. They r so beautiful! I feel I would have something to offer a bride on her beautiful day once I learn the business. However, after I complete my course of training, how would I get a person for me to do an internship with them. I work in the late evenings. I wouldnt mind doing this full time

  3. I want to be a wedding planner so bad I have my business name I just don't know how to start my own business as a wedding planner

  4. What major did you take in college to be a wedding planner and how many years or month and where can you go to become a wedding planner like is new York a good one

  5. really i get so big benefit but i have a question please, i wanna to establish a new business so what should stage of celients ?? thanks ūüôā¬†

  6. Hello Alison! Your videos are amazing. Thank you for giving insight in this area. As far as decor, do you hold any inventory such as center pieces, or do you work directly with vendors that provide such items?

  7. Love you videos, thanks for sharing all your information. It's my dream to become a wedding planner in the near future. And as more I learn about it and find more information about becoming a wedding planner the more excited I get and want to start tomorrow. Can't wait to hear and listen more from you. Just wanted to say thank you for creating your channel, it is really helpful.

  8. Mrs. Howard.  I no longer offer (day of) in your professional opinion.   Do you think it's better to only offer full service & partial planning ??

  9. ' they just wanted to pick my brain " this caught my attention and made me hate myself more because nobody wants to pick my brain, I am stupid. I envy those whom people turn to when they need advice.

  10. Love ur videos!(: I want to start a wedding planning business and name it "The Best Day" (: Thank you for these videos, they are so inspirational!