How to Build a Squarespace Photography Website!


A lot of you guys asked me to show you how to actually build a website using Squarespace. Even though SquareSpace is incredibly easy and intuitive, I made …

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  1. Great video! But I'd like to learn how to make numerous photo albums/gallery under one page. For example, a page that is simply titled Photos will lead visitors to a grid of albums that they can click through. Any ideas how to do that?

  2. Thanks Adam Lerner, great video.
    Question for you 🙂
    What settings do you use when exporting for websites?social media etc
    I feel i am exporting far to large but don't want to loose image quality by exporting smaller files?

  3. Hello Adam. First of all thank you so much to dedicating the time to do this video. I found it very helpful. As minot critic: I noticed that your audio seems to be clipping a lot. Just a minor observation.

    Again, thank you so much for making the video.

  4. This is a great man. Thanks for the video. I am debating going forward with Squarespace and building out a website. Do you have knowledge in the contacts page and how the forms are built? Is there a simple way to go about doing that? I know you went through galleries but that seemed to be about it.

    Is this offer code still valid by chance?

  5. Can you build the site 'behind the scenes' while having a "coming soon" splash page viewable by everyone else? I don't want to make it LIVE right away. Also, is there an option to email photo shoot sets to clients for download, or is that something more suitable for a site like Pixieset?

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