How to Choose Your Wedding Venue and Bring It To Life!!


Hi guys!! This episode of Get Wedding Ready with Wura Manola shows you how to choose your wedding venue, the questions to bear in mind when choosing …

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  1. Wura I realy love u and ur videos,can u please make a video on how to control the guest list as we don't give invitation cards to family members only friends and both the grooms family (mothers side and  fathers side) brides family(mothers side and fathers side) should go to the reception this caused too much confusion as the people u don't even know attend ur wedding reception

  2. Thanks a million for all your videos! They are great! Could you please do a video specific to outdoor weddings? How to choose the venue, how to decorate…I am wondering if some of us who come from countries with 30 degrees Celsius on average can have outdoor weddings… If yes, what solutions are there to fight the hot weather? Thanks in advance!

  3. YOUR VIDEOS ARE SO GREAT!!! You are helping me SOO MUCH on this wedding planning budget! PLEASE PLEASE POST MORE! Can you make one about photography/videography/engagement photos? Tips and how much we should spend?

  4. I have been waiting for the next video! You are helping me with the wedding planning lol. Can you do a video about bridal party stuff dresses, suits, people complaining? Also, about wedding dresses, second outfits, jewelry? Please lol.