How To Create Golden Hour With No Sun


Pye was on a recent wedding shoot and the couple wanted shots taken during golden hour. Unfortunately due to unforeseen schedule conflicts, they had just …

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  1. Great problem solving on the spot! However – please correct me if I'm wrong – I think using two full CTO gels on one flash didn't make your light warmer, just darker. The type of GTO defines the color temperature. Doubling up just makes them seem more orange to the naked eye – but that's an illusion since they are just a darker shade which you are lighting up again by using more flash power.

  2. What's more interesting is the question where you focused on? 2.8 is a relatively shallow DOF, not too shallow but it's technically not enough to get the couple equally sharp. How did you do that?

  3. A magician indeed! Lighting I learnt is the most important aspect to consider in photography. And, it is something I'd really like to learn how to master. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I tried with Godox AD600 in full power (600Ws) with both barehead and the 7 inc reflector. The light wouldยดt bounce around the area, and i can't get the similar result, not even close.

  5. this is awesome. i love how the tutorial transitions from real project and back to the studio. great work! i love your videos

  6. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing.. can you write out the equipment used please? Have you tried this during the middle of the day or other times?

  7. Wow that was perfect and awesome creativity. Great strategy to make your bride wow and surprise. Very helpful video for those practicing off camera flash like me.

  8. That is incredible! Your flash trigger must have an amazing range to be firing the flash from so far away. Thank you for the insight to recreating the Golden Hour.