How to Edit a Wedding Highlight Film – FCPX


Learn the start, middle and ending steps that goes into turning raw footage into a fully edited wedding highlight film. Favorite filmmaking gear …

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  1. Liked the way you work. If you use Premiere Pro cc then it will save your transcode time. You can directly work on footages without transcoding them in Pr Pro CC. It can even handle 6k footages without transcoding them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hi bro Good day… I would like to as the equipment that you are using while filming your wedding events from the tripod and cameras SD card and so on…please help iam very admire of your work…and also where can i view your full finish wedding video that you created…thanks bro iam a big fan of your work GOD BLESS more POWER to your work…if its possible please send it to my mail at [email protected] for the list of item you are using and for the links of your finish video thank you so much your video is a lot of help creating new ideas thank you

  3. +Wedding Film School +Kraig Adams (Goddamit, doesn't tag for some reason)

    Have you seen the work of The Wedding Filmer? They are from India, and Vishal Punjabi, a Bollywood Director and Cinematographer is really the main brain behind it. Do check out their films and say what you think? Their wedding films gets nomminated for a lot of film festivals and wins awards too… <– I really want to get your opinion on it, becuase they are extreemely different from what you do, and more similar to what I do, and want to do eventually, and I see all your videos too, soo, what do you think?

  4. hey I love you videos but I am wondering if you make DVDs for your customers if you do could you make a video on how you go by doing this. or if you don't make DVDs how do you deliver the videos to your customers ??? thanks

  5. How come you don't use the multicam feature in FCPX? Would save you a ton of time. All you have to do is live switch the angles with the number pad.. Then you can easily tweak it.

  6. When you say Doc edit , what exactly do you mean? What is the length of the final wedding films (s) that you provide? From the time you sit down ย , till the time you get done completely with the wedding , how long does it take you? Is that 10 hours? Thanks for you videos!

  7. Hey there! I've learned a ton of things looking at your videos!
    Still learning, i haven't done wedding videos myself. I'm curious about how do you work. Let's say you shoot a 8 hour wedding. What do you deliver? A 10 minutes clip? An hour long clip? A 4 minutes one? All three? ย Thank you for working as hard as you do to help others!

  8. idk if somebody asked you this. but i see you use this 2.35:1 letterbox. how do you export your videos? in 1920×1080 or something else? tonight i tried to edit my video in FCPX and i created a sequence 1920×817 and after i exported my video there was a green 1px line at the bottom of the video. i didnt find any solutions for this except use the letterbox..

  9. Awesome! Very helpful. I'm usually not involved in editing, but knowing the process definitely helps me to get better shots.
    One question though, do you tend to stick to the actual flow of the events, or do you use time-shifting more often?
    Thank you!