How to make an underskirt for a wedding dress


Jan shows how she made a teal coloured underskirt for our daughter’s wedding dress. A different colour from the white really sets it off.

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  1. This lady is amazing, the kind of person you would like as your teacher. Simple and easy to understand but very important, thank you for sharing your knowledge. 5star Please create more videos on how to make your own wedding dress.

  2. +Nina Witteveen Hi there Nina, how exciting for you, twin grand daughters!! If you go in one minute on the tutorial you will see that I have added organza to the underskirt and explained how to do this. You can purchase the organza on line and it comes already overlocked so that saves so much time and effort. You get about 11yds on a roll. If you go to 2.50 mins then you will see that I have added an underskirt using cheap lining. I have cut this on a circle. You could try making a circular underskirt and then add the organza on in much the same way that I have or you can make an underskirt and also make net underskirt. I suggest it will work better on the net underskirt as it will fall better. There are lots of ways to do this and you can nut I think the simplest is by doubling the size of the waist and gathering then add the organza in the way on the turorial to the netting. You can add one layer or maybe two, one higher up the netting. I would add a satin underskirt if you think the netting may feel scratchy on their little legs. Good luck, send me a photo if you want to via my website: where I have an email contact. I would love to see how it turns out. Good luck Jan

  3. Do you think it would work if I added colored tulle to a long petticoat? I want color under my dress but I don't want to destroy it. Lol