How to tat a wedding veil | lace bridal veil


Are you getting married, and do you want something hand crafted and absolutely gorgeous? In this video I show you how I tatted this veil. It took about two …

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  1. very beautiful veil edging- you do nice work- you could save it in case you ever have a daughter or granddaughter, or you could give it to a beloved friend or family member- like a niece or a cousin- or you could sell it on Etsy- thank you for sharing your video <3

  2. Congratulations! Your video is very nice and I'm quite impressed with how well you speak English. Your info was very clear and helpful. I have only one critical comment to make. Please, please, please stop with the flying fingers and hands. It made the video very hard to watch. Too much motion. Even when I couldn't see your hands, the shadows of your hands were flying everywhere. I sympathize because I'm Italian and use my hands a lot when I am speaking, but really it is terribly distracting when the close up is of nothing but what the person's hands are doing.