Hozier – Cherry Wine


Proceeds from the single download of Cherry Wine will benefit a series of domestic abuse charities worldwide. Please visit www.Hozier.com/cherrywine for more …

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  1. So heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. I get really tired of turning on the radio and hearing Katy Perry and J-Lo when there is real music with with a message out there. "Sleep to the freezing" "it looks ugly but its clean" basically every metaphor and simile in this song is pure poetry

  2. you can listen to this to calm down and also to burst into tears.i love the way how it can make you feel different in different situations.maybe i'm only the one who does both things listening to this greatful song.

  3. Saoirse Ronan is an irish rose of pure delight, with Hozier, this is a gift to the heart, this song kills deadness in the nerves, and yes, the song is about a woman abusing her boyfriend and the video about a boy abusing his girlfriend… Ronan is my beauty ideal.

  4. About 2 years ago, I was helping my (then) best friend get out of an abusive relationship while we had feelings for each other. You had just come out with your album in the middle of all of it, and we went to see you live. I heard this and not knowing your music very well, I glanced over the lyrics. It was enchanting hearing this song. It felt beautiful and loving. You were amazing live, but that's beside the point.
    Fast forward a few months, me and that best friend start dating. Things get out of control fast. She was manipulative and emotionally volatile, and I felt like I needed to help her. To save her. And I loved her, and she loved me. Part of me still does. When we were together, physically, sexually, it felt like nirvana. We were very different people, and we felt broken, and we looked for home in each other. We lost touch of ourselves, and we got hurt, and we stayed in that for over a year and a half, and it would still be going on it I hadn't stepped up and made the courageous decision to leave. I was really hurt, and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of being abused, and I know I'm okay, and part of me still feels guilty that I couldn't help her how she needed.
    And now, 6 months after breaking up with her, I'm listening to this song, with the lyrical meaning, the masquerade of a sweet love song, and the emotion I'm putting into it. I get it. I really REALLY get it, and you are helping me to let go of what I thought should've been or what I thought about myself because I was in this situation. As much as I wish her well, I get to take care of myself now. I get to love myself now.

    I'm a musician, and I hope I can inspire and allow others to feel even close to as eloquently and as thoughtfully and wonderfully as you do. Thank you for everything.

  5. The way this song moves everything inside of me as if it were touching me… the reaction of my skin to his flawless voice… the times I sigh while I breathe in the lyrics and exhale part of my soul… and the tears threatening to leave my glassy eyes… oh God… I had never felt this way about anything… or anyone… This is truly beautiful… the meaning is as deep and touching as his voice itself… still, perfect would be an understatement to describe this work of art.

  6. This was the song that I realized i had fallen in love with my girlfriend to.. and our relationship just ended without either of us wanting it to. I don't see any point in life anymore and i just want her back.

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