jjshouse wedding dress review with pics


I ordered a wedding dress from jjshouse and this is what i got. http://ksmithstories.tumblr.com/

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  1. I've ordered 3 dresses from them: all of them fit perfectly and are exquisitely made: one even has a boned bodice; all three are very well made. I love their choices of colors and the custom option. I was skeptical ordering a dress online, but was pleasantly surprised! They also have shoes, hats, gloves, etc. I highly recommend JJ's House!

  2. I have ordered a wedding dress from JJ's house in December 2015. I have received dress that was 3 (THREE) sizes bigger than the one I have ordered. They have asked me to send them pictures of the dress since they did not believe me. After emailing them the pictures, they told me I have to buy another one and post back the first one to them and they said they will return the money for the first one when they receive the dress. JJ's house charged me for a second postage to me too. They have refused to refund the £20 that I have paid to DHL to post the first dress back to them and also refused to return the £28 for the first postage to me. This way I ended up paying TWICE for postage (£28+ £28= £56) and £20 for DHL to send back the mistaken order to them although it wasn't my fault that they have sent out a wrong size dress! What can I say more, I am very sorry that I have used their "services", they are thieves and liars and deserve to be jailed. I will never ever shop from them again!