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Welcome to Kusu Island Singapore Vlog| A Day In Our Lives. I hope you enjoy this everyday life in Singapore vlog.Thanks for watching πŸ™‚ Love you! Please …

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  1. hey I love watching u… plz tell me which hair color u r having because it's look so beautiful on you and I want to try this on my hair , so dear do let me know plzzz

  2. hi Jo…I watch all ua videos… like everything… we would like u to make a video of ua kitchen tour n organization so dat it will b helpful fa us too 😊

  3. hi jo my god what a lovely place πŸ’ž I love it, nd I must say u look so cute nd pretty nd ur cutipie son ,nd I love these kind iland so thank u so much visit over there byeeee πŸ˜ƒtakecare

  4. You have a beautiful family Jo. All of you are such cuties. 😍 love your vlog on your journey to and around Kusu island. You should visit the St.John's island next, it's just a stone throw away from Kusu Island except that you and your family can actually have a great picnic by the beach there. And yes you can stay overnight just as long you pack some camping essentials. Don't forget to stock up on foods too. It's great to go fishing and picnic there. Go explore and vlog it. 😊

  5. m a new subscriber to ur channel…i must say u r an amazing youtuber…u put alot efforts i ur videos to make thm amazing…loves all ur videos especially vlogz..keep up the gud wrkπŸ–’πŸ˜Š