Life-size Wedding Dress Cake for Food Network


This life-size wedding dress cake was created for the Food Network Outrageous Wedding Cakes special that premiered on June 28th, 2014. See behind the …

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  1. vvvvvv nice
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  2. That's crazy. What's crazy too is the style of the dress of the cake has inspired me to look for a dress similar to that one. I'm engaged and getting married soon! Hope ai find a dress like that one (in non edible form…haha…preferably). That cake is breathtaking, I can't imagine seeing it in person! The flowers are outrageous too, they look so realistic and elegant. This was the coolest cake on that episode!

  3. Wow, your cake is a true work of art!Β  Gorgeous job on the lace, draping of the "fabric" and the texture on the mannequin!!!Β  Thanks for uploading the video and congrats to the team of artists that created this masterpiece!Β  πŸ˜€