Lighting Tips from Two Different Lighting Styles: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

19 Join Vanessa as she gets lighting tips and tricks from Susan Stripling and Caroline Tran; two amazing wedding photographers with …

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  1. Thanks, guys…. really good video.
    I am the same like Susan, I prefer the "dark side". I find it more creative and involves more work which makes me happier.
    Thanks a lot, B.Y.P girl.

  2. Excellent interview and great insight into two different styles. As a long-time teacher and retired photojournalist I can't recommend this series highly enough. As to the newcomers: Ansel Adams (look him up) manipulated the light in his prints (and that's why an Ansel Adams original print is way beyond my pay grade) and there is no "good" or "bad" light but there are good and bad photographers and none of these three fall into the bad category. Would that I could shoot so well I'd still be working 🙂

  3. My style is bright and airy out doors during daylight and dramatic indoors, kinda like real life lighting. So outdoors ill use umbrellas and softboxes or just natural light and indoors ill use snoots and grids.

  4. enjoyed this video. personally i think the darker more dramatic look is more interesting. i also think it takes more skill to get it right. but the other brighter look has its moments. and can be nice also. so maybe they could work together if they wanted to mix styles. i think it would be an interesting experiment to see both women try to copy the other womens style for a day