Lightroom 6 Tutorial – Cinematic Photography Edit In Lightroom CC


In this lightroom CC Video Tutorial I show you haw to create a cinematic photo in Lightroom 6. Editing cinematic photos is pretty simple using these lightroom tips …

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  1. Why did you shoot with iso 1250? No need to use shutter speed 1/1600, you don't need to freeze the motion on this picture.
    Too much cold colour on this photo. Sci-fi films use shades of blue.

  2. Your videos and I love every single one I've watch you are easy-going you are slow enough for people to understand but fast enough for people not to get bored…… thank you for these videos

  3. Bro.. you just earned a sub.. I just have no idea why is your subscriber not that much… You are supposed to be like cinecom tons of subscribers .. you deserve it bro.. + i love your content and keep doing it 😀

  4. ISO 1250 and 1/1600s are not the best settings for this shot. A ISO that high ruins the details and makes the bokeh appear grainy. A slower shutter speed like 1/200s would have given a change to use a lower ISO.

  5. I am having fun editing photos and love that I can make my teeth whiter and eliminate wrinkles with such ease. That was the first thing I did and I am realizing the fun of the word “Photoshop". I have never had a program that could do that and there are so many options available. I will update any changes but so far this beginner is loving being able to edit pictures so cool and I am going to have fun with my Holiday picture this year and my pets.

  6. Will you please provide the links to the RAW files or something like that in order to get them so that I can do the exact in tandem for myself.

  7. I love your tutorials! I've watched so many and yours are by far the most comprehensive, straight to the point tutorials I've ever watched I've learned a lot from you. Thanks!