Lightroom Tutorial – Editing RAW Wedding & Engagement Photos


In this tutorial I show you how to easily edit and color your wedding or engagement photos in Adobe Lightroom. INSTAGRAM: …

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  1. Such a lovely image but too bad that the guy looks like he's wearing exercise clothes and the girl is wearing a beautiful dress!

  2. Jessica could you do a video where you talk about what type of retouching software a beginner should use. Adobe Photoshop is so expensive but im not sure if its such a wise idea to buy it? Or should i just get Lightroom or both? Help!!

  3. I think it looks a little washed out looking. Maybe if you were to make the dress pop a little, would give it more personality.

  4. Can't say I'm a huge fan of this. Your quality is usually so good and everything looks amazing but tbh this just looks cheap and the editing seems a little lazy.

  5. The guy came to take engagement photos in a striped t shirt and sneakers while his spouse is in a beautiful dress??? If I was you Jessica I would have been pissed wasting my time to take their photos and attempting to create something beautiful. That's just plain disrespect and lack of effort and the photos will have a blatant eye sore no matter how much editing is done.