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  1. I❤️your sweet voice. So calming and I could listen to you all say long. Thank you my love for all your wonderful inspirations and sharing all your life hacks and advises. Keep being your authentic self. Leave all hater behind in the dust.

  2. I MUST have that "Namastay in bed" mug; any chance you remember where you got it? Also, I am always impressed how you take the time and effort to serve your home meals so beautifully; I also vote you start including cooking vids to your channel!

  3. 1. make a cooking channel
    2. I'm always mind blown on how much you have. As in the designs of the rooms.
    3. your so inspirational for my business I'm trying to do. your voice goes through my head "I have the same 24 hours like everyone else…" I need to get my business together and started.
    I'm greatful for what I have. not envy but inspired. I always look forward to your vidoes. your full of life. Lolz

  4. I keep trying to go on your sales site but it says "the domain has expired" did you take it down? Cuz i loved the green shampoo you used to sell for hair growth 🙁 bio something, i forgot the name

  5. Well to shantea's defense English is not her first language so sometimes she does not put the "s" on the end. Also this is her job she gets paid for ads just like Pepsi, Macy's etc so idk what the big fuss is…nothing new. Good day. 😘