Persian Wedding Baba Karam Dance


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  2. did it take place in Iran or in a western country? because the women look remarkably free spirited and relaxed, which doesn t exactly go hand in hand with the way I ve heard things are for women over there; uptight and restrictive.

  3. Baz khoob shod be gheyrate damad barkhord akharesh!!! ghadima baba karam ahange lathaye tehroon bood (Hence the use of the hat and the scarf) vali inja ye mard peyda nashod ta baba karamo neshooneshon bedeh.

  4. My dad is from Iran and my mother is from the east coast of the U.S. For my wedding, I would like to do a father-daughter dance to Persian music, but do not generally listen to Persian music. I love this song! Can anyone give me more information about how I can purchase it from iTunes or another website. Much appreciated! Great video!