Professional Portrait Editing in Photoshop Tutorial


A tutorial on my style of photo editing. Just by using a few layers you can come up with something amazing 🙂 follow me INSTAGRAM: …

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  1. here's a few things about which functions of Photoshop to learn first
    The selection feature
    Image merging
    (I learned about these and more from Trevs photo blueprint site )

  2. Hello, i like your tutorials very much! Thank you! Could you do a tutorial how to edit yoga poses, skin, indoors and outdoors?

  3. Thanks soooo much for posting this! I understand why you go the pace you do. If you stopped to explain everything in slow motion, it would be a much longer video. I for one am a fan of short videos and doing the trial-and-error thing on my own. As it is, you do explain everything pretty clearly and your narration is too adorable! I can't wait to watch your other videos!

  4. Is there any way you could list the tools you use, or say them more clearly? I have no idea what you're doing because you say it so fast/unclear/quietly as you do it.. Great quality video, just a bit confusing.. Thanks darling!!

  5. Hi Jessica, is there any sort of like online training to really understand the program. It's a bit over whelming it seems for somebody new like myself!

  6. she got appreciations just bcoz she is a hot girl…but honeslty her tutorial is very confusing and her photoshop skills are ……neva mind