Quesadillas 4 Ways


BBQ CHICKEN QUESADILLA Servings: 1- 2 quesadillas INGREDIENTS 1/2 pound chicken breast, cut into strips Salt, to taste Pepper, to taste ½ cup BBQ sauce …

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  1. i can understand mozzarella cheese tasty similar to mexican cheese but cheddar?? eew, quesadillas has a oaxaca, asadero, manchego or another mexican cheese.

  2. bbq sauce? Monterrey jack? put whatever comes to your mind in the godamn tortilla, and enjoy it, but please… don't call it a quesadilla.

  3. Guys, I love Ska Face and everything you play in the background. Would you please, PLEASE make a Spotify playlist! Oh and I love the videos, too btw 😄

  4. Thanks Great work! can you leave the music you played under the video??? Love that too!! Greetings from Amsterdam Holland!!

  5. I made the chicken fajitas quesadillas and they were extremely delicious! Im a beginner at cooking too and i got great reviews from my family! Amazing recipe, totally making it again one day.

  6. nmms como pueden llamar esa abominación una quesadilla pinches gringos y luego que nos quieren afuera de su país inventen su propia. comida y cultura si no quieren inmigrantes hipócritas.