SAT VLOGGING | Getting Ready For Guests!


Hey Guys! We’re so excited for family to come stay with us next weekend! Come along with us as we do some furniture shopping, and some other fun things!

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  1. I love your channel! It's so family oriented and that's what I like. Could you do a video on how your and your husband met or how your wedding was…and also home decor ideas…like how to stage and such πŸ™‚

  2. Oh yeah, our guest rooms are kind of junk rooms….baaaad.
    Your doggies are so cute!
    That pick your own food place looked really interesting, I don't think I've seen a concept like that here.Β 

  3. I thought your outfit was cute, a subtle pattern mixed with a bold pattern is typically a okay in my book! And you guys were super productive, can't wait to see all the furniture in place and your theme for the guest room is awesome, I love the inspiration pic!

  4. Hey guys!. Greeting from Greece!. The white dip is called "tzatziki" and I think that the yellow dip is "scordalia". Β The grapeleaves are called "dolmadakia". Β 

  5. LOL at trying to throw the food into each others mouths! πŸ˜… I have to see what you ended up doing with everything you bought.