Shooting a Wedding with the Fuji X-T2 XT2 – Sample Images


We have now officially changed over to the Fuji X-T2 XT2 for our photography needs. WE have a wide selection of fuji lenses to complement the bodies. In this …

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  1. Great pics and video guys! I too use the XT2 for Weddings but, when on camera flash is required at the ceremony and speeches I still use the Canon 5D mk3 with 580ex mk2 Speedlite as it is Ettl on the run! Still waiting patiently for a Speedlite to work as good as my trusty 580ex in Ettl- it gets me the shot quicker than Manual flash!

  2. Really nice photos. I enjoy my XT2 but I'm still struggling to tame it with Lightroom. Sharpening in Lightroom often results in wormy fine details and bokeh and I've tried multiple methods. I do like JPGs coming from the camera at least.

  3. Great job! I am also in the process of switching from Canon to Fuji and although I haven't shot a wedding with the XT-2 yet I have done a commercial shoot and was pleasantly surprised at how good the Jpegs were straight out of camera. This is going to save me so much time with weddings if it can be repeated. I will shoot RAW+Jpeg for the time being but I can see a time when I won't need to bother with RAW's.

  4. I am am concerned about flash for events like this. Shooting manual flash is not typically best for speed and TTL is important what are you doing for TTL flash and fast flash recycle. What is your lighting kit for weddings?

  5. Hello,Great Photos, The negative part to me is not the artist but the lens, i don´t like wide angle lens for portraits. I know you be forced on using a wide angle on most situations to cover a wedding, even more with a APS-C sensor so nothing to argue. Anyway i had liked your shots and this video you deserve it. The camera is also excelent to me. Thank you

  6. Awesome shots guys, the pictures are amazing I just bought the Fuji X-T2 myself very new at this so Nathan if you guys have any advice I would definitely appreciate it and also are those Raw files or JPEG's?

  7. Great shots.

    Any system is great and will get the job done. Switching for some is a hype thing others like you guys I am sure is a business and work choice.

    You see a lot of posts online comparing dslr to mirrorless.. pixle peeping. its all pointless noise. Choose your gear and go shoot your work.

  8. Brilliant shots guys , you won't regret going Fuji i know i don't , much as i liked my Canon full frame stuff they are a bit soulless the Fujix range make one really want to take pics with a bit of energy and excitement and restored the love of photography in me and many others judging by what i read.
    I only have one criticism and its a small one that "MUZAK" over the pics would do a mans head in , it would be better silence than that awful cacophony ha!
    Enjoying the vids guys keep them up , look forward to seeing the whole Fuji wedding review.

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