Spring Home Decor (Affordable Haul + Ideas)


I’ve been having a bit too much fun with the DIY videos lately, and perhaps making too many!? haha As requested from you all, I’m doing a decor haul that’s not …

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  1. wow I love all your ideas and you are so lucky to have all the pretty herbs and flowers available.I really into watch succulent videos lately

  2. Loved this haul!!! The wreath is beautiful! Perfect for spring! Would love to see more ! I love the look your going for. Would love for you to come check out my haul πŸ™‚

  3. Where did you get your barnwood table and coffee table?Β  Β I love them!!Β  Also how do you keep the light furniture from getting stained?Β  We have kids in our family (not my kids) that have stained my couch, so I'm paranoid about getting light furniture again.

  4. You got great things! I'm the same, I like to mix real and fake plants. I bought a beautiful wreath (fake lilac) from Rite Aid of all places! Their Easter items were 75% off, so it was MUCH cheaper than I could have made it for. You are fortunate because in my town we can't pick flowers…….they belong to the town. Everything looks beautiful! Succelents are such an easy and versatile way to decorate.

  5. I love love your style of decor. I would have totally picked all of those stuff for my self. just subscribed πŸ™‚

  6. I love your videos so much! You inspire me. I love that soap dish where did you get it.? I've been looking for one like that! I am at dollar store now! Lol:)

  7. you do so many seasonal decor videos. whay do you do with the old decor pieces ? do u throw them out or donate them or store them for next season?
    p.s i looveee your videoa

  8. I love your home decor ideas, especially the wicker tray with the plant on the coffee table, simple, different and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Can you tell me how to care for succulents? I had bought some last year and they died on me 😫 I obviously put them in the wrong soil. Didn't know there is soil made for them.

  10. Gordmans is amazing for decor as well. Their throw pillows are around 12.99. They have a lot of great farmhouse decor as well. They are going out of business in some locations. I wish they weren't . They have amazing stuff!

  11. Another great video! Your decorating skills are so inspiring because I don't have an inch of creativity in my body! Lol