Take the best WEDDING photograph EVERY time – Wedding Photography Tips


You know that perfect wedding photograph with the confetti, the guests and the married couple laughing and having a great time. Well its simple to get you just …

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  1. I'm aiming for 10k thumbs up on this video……… go on, you can do it – Sorry Mirrorless shooters I didn't mean to leave you out. Don't worry, this will work for you too. Hehehehe.

  2. where can I find the burst mode on my camera? (canon 5D mark iii)?? I'd be very grateful to get a quick answer because tomorrow, I'm shootiny my first wedding and I'm so nervous :')))

  3. how about i to really enjoy my wedding, and not listen to a prick with a dslr? i pay a photographer at my wedding, and i dont want to hear him "planning" no crap at all ? c'mon, do you really think that fake arranged photos will ever catch that magic moment ? that "throw bow,smile,pretend to enjoy"? plastic photo and too much hassle, fakery at the top ! bleah… i had a photgrapher at my wedding, i give him money and i said to him " stay over 10 meters away and just make photos, one hour, no planning no nothing". and that my friend, was a really enjoyiable wedding! cheers slave !

  4. Got in photography about 5 months ago, and learned a lot from you man! Love the dynamic of your videos as well. Cheers from Portugal!